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Oct 30, 2013 5:30pm PDT
. but republicans and democrats are still wide amart on taxing the wealthy, cutting spending and other issues. some fear another government shutdown, if lawmakers do not find common ground. officials at the u.s. federal reserve say they'll continue the massive bomb buying program. the official also study whether the recent u.s. government shutdown had any affects on the economy or job market. >>> chinese authorities believe the ethnic uighurs were behind the bombing in tienemen square. >>> china's central television said authorities detained five suspects on suspicion of colluding with the dead suspects. cctv said all five were captured within ten hours of the incident. judging from their names, all five detainees are believed to be wiegers. they announced quick police response. the media called the crash an act of well organized terrorism. they said a flag with a word implying islamic holy war was found. they stopped short of saying who carried out the incident but left the impression it was wieger islamic extremists. >>> chie 23450ez prosecutors told police they are officialry arrest a squaurn na
Oct 31, 2013 6:00am PDT
tax hikes scheduled for april will not deal a serious blow to the economy. >>> japanese companies are reporting strong earnings for the april to september period as a weaker yen is boosting their profitability. the earnings season has peaked, nearly 20% of those listed on the main board of the tokyo stock exchange reported on thursday. a survey shows the total ordinary profit of the companies that reported earnings by wednesday rose 45% in yen terms compared to a year ago. 29% of those companies have revised upward their full-year profit projections through march 2014. struggling electric appliance companies are also making a sharp comeback. panasonic reported a net profit of $1.7 billion for the april-to-september period. that's a record high for mid-year earnings. the company sustained a loss of nearly $7 billion in the same period last year. meanwhile, sharp's operating profit rose to nearly $350 million, that is a huge improvement from a loss of $1.7 million posted a year ago. and sony saw a jump in operating profit by 40%. helped on by strong sales of smartphones and the yen'
Nov 1, 2013 5:00am PDT
out more new models. they also say many people may rush to buy cars before the planned consumption tax hike in april. >>> japanese engineers are helping people with disabilities do what they need to do online. they've created a computer that's operated by breathing into a tube. researchers developed the machine. users blow softly to move the cursor down and forcefully to move it up and inhale sharply or gently to move right or left. some students tested out the system. the researchers say it took about a week of getting used to. people with severe mobility problems can currently operate some computers with eye movements, but their new breath-controlled system is cheaper. they are hoping to have it on the market in two years. >>> that's all for now in business news. i'll leave you with a check on markets. >>> the u.s. ambassador to syria has urged antigovernment forces there to negotiate an end to the conflict. he wants the rebels to attend the proposed international peace meeting, but opposition leaders say they won't attend unless president bashar al assad steps down. robert ford spok
Nov 4, 2013 5:00am PST
later this month. drivers in japan don't have to pay as much in tax when they buy mini cars. and the vehicles get good mileage. engineers from honda roll out a prototype of the first sports car in the category in 20 years. the seats are lower to the ground. the designers say that and other features give drivers a better sense of the car's speed. their competitors at daihatsu will unveil a sports car that has interchangeable hoods of different colors. engineers from suzuki will show off something people don't usually see on the road, mini sport utility vehicle. carmakers say they're using the new models to attract younger drivers. >>> for 100 people from an abandoned island off nagasaki in southwestern japan have returned to their former school for a dramatic reunion. hashima island is also known as battleship island due to its unusual shape. japanese government officials plan to recommend it as a unesco world cultural heritage site. about 120 former students attended the reunion at the site of their old elementary and junior high school on monday. the island was once home to
Oct 30, 2013 7:30am EDT
tap into the open data provided by the national census and the local tax office. it's possible to find information about a specific area. >> our type of service we can provide to the client makes a difference and now with this in there we have more tools to provide a better service to the client. >> reporter: a japanese company has started a new service making use of public and private sector data. the venture company calil has six employees. it provides a service that allows users to check the availability of books in thousands of public libraries around japan. by entering the title of a book and key words, a user can find out which library has the book and whether it is currently available. the service began only three years ago but already some 400,000 people use it each month. this man is the president of calil. he uses data provided by public libraries around japan. his site displays the content of books and cover images by combining the open data with information obtained from major online retailer, amazon. the site carries an ad saying the book can also be purchased from amazon.
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)